We're finished with presentations this quarter! We instead planned for a social that is happening on Saturday, March 4th at 8 pm. Look on the Slack for details! We have two presentations scheduled for the next quarter: Extreme Interactive Day: Saturday, April 22nd 9am - 3pm and Westwood Charter Elementary April 29th 1pm - 5pm. Clear your schedules!


We made last-minute preparations for the presentation on Friday 2/17. We also made preparations for the next presentation at Fairburn on 2/24 on compost.


We planned the Fairburn Elementary presentation for February 17th. We decided on having rotations and showing different demonstrations to kids. We discussed what kind of topics and demos we would show to the kids. After taking a vote, the overarching topic of the rotations was decided to be ACIDS AND BASES! Some stations we plan on having for the kids are pH indicators for acids and bases, inflating a balloon using vinegar and baking soda, and goldenrod paper.


We finalized the January 31st presentation for colonizing Mars. There is two more opportunities to present at Fairburn: Friday, February 17th 12:40 PM - 2:20 PM and Friday, February 24th with time to be determined. The subject of the Feb. 17th presentation will most likely be about life science, states of matter, or chemistry.


There is a virtual presentation opportunity on Tuesday, January 31st at 10 AM. This presentation is focused on colonizing Mars. We started crafting the presentation slides.


For the first meeting of the winter quarter, we went over about opportunities for applying to the board. Interviews will be conducted shortly, so please stayed tuned! Also, we will be deciding what the club social will be, so please fill out the form posted on the Slack if you have any ideas!



For our first meeting of the school year, we introduced the logistics of the club and brainstormed ideas for this year's Exploring Your Universe (EYU) Fair, which is K-12. The main theme is sustainability, so any topics that pertain to that are welcome, preferably hands-on! We thought about the trash cycle, plastic-eating organisms, climate change, and technological waste practices. We are even thinking about combining sustainability and electromagnetism.


We had our social where we watched the documentary series "Cosmos: Possible Worlds" together. This was also our last meeting of the quarter. Thank you to everyone who came and participated in this quarter's activities. We wish you good luck on finals, and we hope to see you next quarter!


We had members sign up for the City of Angels presentation (2/17) and Fairburn presentation (2/24) that will take place on Zoom and Fairburn Elementary respectively. For City of Angels, the presentation will be on electricity, and for Fairburn, it will be on the history of Earth and evolution. If you would like to present, please check in the Slack ASAP!


We had members sign up for the Fairburn presentation (1/26) that will take place on Zoom. The topic of the presentation is on light and colors! If you would like to present, please check in the Slack!



We met again to discuss our upcoming fluids presentation at Fairburn, and how we wanted to structure the lesson. We settled on booths, with each booth covering a different aspect of fluids and also answering a commonly asked question (i.e. What is a fluid?). Union Aveneue Elementary responded that they would like the next presentation to be on Thursday, October 21, and this presentation will about forces. Please sign up by Monday if you can make it!


We met in person for the first time on 10/4. We received FOUR new opportunities for presenting this quarter (two Fairburn Avenue Elementary presentations, one Union Avenue Elementary presentation, and the Exploring Your Universe booth) and discussed what topics we wanted to teach at the upcoming Fairburn Elementary presentation. The vote was tallied, and we decided on fluids (non-Newtonian fluids, capillary actions)! We also did an ice breaker of rose, bud, and thorn for everyone to introduce themselves, and we then ended the night with pizza! IMPORTANT: Please see the email regarding the Slack channel. Make sure you join to get updates as well as other important information (such as the sign-up sheet for this quarter)!.


SLTC had its first meeting on Monday, September 27th on Zoom. The club board welcomed a crowd of 50 and explained what the club does, how presentations work, and why everyone should join. Then, we went into breakout rooms, one for each board member, and did a Q & A along with some ice-breakers and introductions. We want to thank everyone who came to the meeting, and we all can't wait to see you at the next! Especially since a school has contacted us about teaching, so an opportunity for all is near! If you would like to see the slides presented at the meeting, click here.